The smartest heating systems

Wall mounted gas boiler

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• Stainless steel 11-ramp burner.

• 5 pipes, bi-thermal, high efficiency, copper heat exchanger.

• Steel sheet and ceramic panel combustion chamber.

• Electronic board with continuous flame modulation based on Three sensors (flow, return and DHW) and ionization flame control Via a single electrode.

• LCD interface to view CH flow water temperature, DHW outlet Temperature, failure CODEs, CH setting, DHW setting and operating

Status setting.

• Anti-fast, anti-freeze, pump anti-seizing, pump post-circulation and Flue cleaning functions.

• Pump group including: water pressure switch, safety valve Calibrated at 3 bar, system loading and unloading taps.

• Electrical protection class IPX4D.

• Exclusively-designed hydraulic assembly including three-way Valve, adjustable by-pass, safety valve, water pressure switch,

• 8 liter expansion vessel.

• 92/42/EEC efficiency rating:

• Available in three configurations

(METHANE – LPG – PROPANE AIR) and in the versions with:

• Sealed chamber forced draught. - Primary mono-thermal heat exchanger. - Plate heat exchanger for DHW supply.